No verification casinos

no verification casinos

UK players are lucky in that they can access a huge number of top quality sites. However, most of the UKGC licenced casinos do require players to undergo verification and other types of security checks. While these are great for ensuring player safety, they are often time-consuming. That’s where no verification casino sites come into play providing players with a faster signup option.

Internation casino sites, or those not registered with Gamstop, can actually offer players this faster method of signing up. However, there is still the need to ensure that these sites are offering top quality security to those players who are signing up. And this is where we come in. We have created a list of the best no verification casinos that are available to UK players.

Below casinos are not covered by Gamstop and do not require “KYC” (know your customer) verification, which means you;

  1. Don’t have to send passport
  2. Don’t need a UK residency
  3. Don’t need utility bills

Top No Verification Casinos Not Covered by Gamstop

#Casino SiteGradeBonusesDirect Link
Red Lion Casino
£3000 Bonus
Royal Oak Casino
£10000 Bonus
£6000 Bonus
£1500 Bonus
£1000 Bonus
Mister X Casino
£3000 Bonus
WG Casino
£2100 Bonus
Very Well Casino
125 Free Spins
Triumph Casino
£3000 Bonus
Prestige Spin
£3000 Bonus

How we choose the best no verification casinos

When it comes to selecting the best options for no ID required sites, we take a large number of factors into account. The first of these is the need to ensure that these sites offer safe and secure playing platforms. This means that we check whether the site is licenced and what other security protocols it has in place for UK players to enjoy the site safely.

On top of this, we check out the other options casinos without ID might offer. This includes taking a look at the game selection, the accessibility of the site and the level of support players will receive. We also check out the payment options and whether it is mobile compatible. Combining these features helps us to offer the best no verification casino list for UK players.

Types of no verification casino

The iGaming industry is constantly growing and this means there are simply more and more options available. When it comes to no verification casinos, this is no exception. In fact, there are a number of different types of no verification casinos that UK players can access. It’s therefore important that players know the difference between the options in order to make the right choice.

These type of independent casinos can come from a number of different gaming jurisdictions and each one is unique with their own special features. Depending on the UK player, one type of casino will suit someone better than another. We have outlined all the different no verification casinos below so that players have a better idea of what this all entails and what the different options are within our no verification casino list.

Pay N play feature

One of the first options are the Pay n Play no verification casinos. These casinos have no verification procedures in place, but what’s even better, they won’t ask players for registration either. As the name suggests, players can simply get playing without even having to make an account on the site. Just deposit some funds and it’s all ready for players to get playing.

  • No need for an account
  • Deposit and play

Trustly is one of the methods that powers this type of casino. It allows players to use fast payment options without any fees. What’s even better is that it operates throughout the EU so that many players can enjoy using the service. Pay n Play casinos are actually only really available to EU players with UK players finding it hard to find one allowing them to play.

However, this type of casino is completely secure, often offering generous bonuses to players who are playing there. UK players can try to get around the restrictions, but we wouldn’t recommend it. There are other options though for UK players to make use of if they want to avoid the hassle of waiting for verification and confirmation of the account and these we cover below.

Curacao casinos

One of the more popular options of no verification casinos are those that come under the Curacao licence. These casinos are found offshore and as such do not have to abide by the same rules and regulations that are set out in the UK or the EU for example. While this does mean that Curacao casinos can offer a range of different features, it does mean they aren’t as reliable.

Most casinos not covered by Gamstop have a Curacao-license. Unlike many seem to believe, there is actually a license which do require safety to customers even if it’s not on the same level as UKGC.

With this in mind it is very important that UK players choose their Curacao no verification casino very carefully. There are many that are reputable, making this a perfectly fine way of playing online, it’s just that we suggest checking out the options that we have recommended rather than searching for a site alone. In this way, we can ensure the best playing experience.

  1. Curacao casinos have no verification signups
  2. Not always trustworthy
  3. Do offer a lot of features

Target audience and verification

Similar to the Pay n Play options, there are sometimes issues with UK players joining such sites. For the most part, Curacao casinos tend to focus their attention on the US and Australian players. This means that while they do target these two markets in terms of what they offer, UK players are still free to join. The only downside here is that they might not accept GBP.

The big thing with these sites though is the no verification options that are provided to players. Many Curacao casinos have no verification requirements so that these sites are fast to sign up to. Players do not need to give the casino any documents to prove they are who they say they are. This means that any withdrawals are a lot faster then they would be at UK casinos.

Can UK players join?

As we touched upon, the major drawback here is, once again, UK players may not be accepted. Players may be slightly confused by this as Curacao is known for being open to players from around the world, but this is where UK gambling laws do come into play. This means that not many of these sites are actually willing to go against these regulations to allow Brits in, but some can and the ones above are neither connected to Gamstop.

However, there are some Curacao sites that do, it just takes a while to find them and to ensure they are trustworthy. These brands will enable UK players to enjoy the perks that come with the no verification process. Of course, players can also try dodging restrictions to access sites they want to play at, but this is not recommended as casinos will remove players they believe are acting fraudulently.

Bitcoin powered no verification casinos

Bitcoin powered no verification casinos

The final no verification option are the Bitcoin powered sites. These sites are growing in popularity as the use of cryptocurrency continues to grow. Using cryptocurrencies, even at regular sites, is the perfect way for players to gain a measure of anonymity when they play. This is because using these types of payments does not require verification even from casinos that need it for other payments.

This makes Bitcoin run sites the perfect option on every level for players who want to enjoy a completely anonymous experience. In fact this type of payment means that any transactions are even kept out of any normal banking records too as this type of currency is not run through a centralised bank system. Happily for UK players, there are such sites available to them.

Only cryptocurrency payments and bets

One thing to note for players looking to play at this type of casino is that no other payment options are available. Players can only make deposits and withdrawals using a number of different cryptocurrencies which means they need to buy into this currency. A range of different cryptocurrencies can be used, but cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers are all not permitted. These payments are instant though, and free.

What’s great about this type of casino is that it’s not restricted to one type of casino either. Both casinos and sportsbooks are now accepting Bitcoin on their sites meaning that players can access a whole range of exciting betting options while remaining anonymous. This means these online casinos are very versatile and also meet the needs of a range of different players.

Are there limits?

The icing on the cake comes when we take a look at all the limits on these types of sites. Unlike sites that require a tonne of verification documents in order to get any winnings, these sites do not. On top of that, they also have no or minimum limits. Sites that need verification will have strict limits in place on both deposits and withdrawals so that players are limited.

With Bitcoin, no such limits are in place. This means that players can make as big a bet as they like whenever they feel like it. On top of that, they are also able to withdraw massive winnings the second they can get them. Payments are so fast and unlike withdrawals with other traditional methods, there are no processing times either, making the whole process one of the best.

Why join an online casino with no verification?

These types of no verification casinos come with a whole range of additional fun features as well as not needing verification. For new players, it’s especially important to know what these players are able to offer. We will go through some of the main reasons why players should join these types of sites and what they might get out of it when they do.

For instance, many of these sites will give players quick one-click access to some of the highest paying casino games. This means players are thrown into the thick of it as soon as they click to join. This saves players a whole ton of time, which some people might not have if they are trying to play a game while on their way to work.

Limits on transactions

As we touched on above, no verification casinos do not usually have withdrawal or deposit limits in place and if they do, they are usually pretty generous. On top of this, these sites also do not have issues with small payouts either. Some casinos will required a minimum withdrawal of around £30 meaning players will have to keep playing until they achieve that.

With no verification casinos, they are perfectly happy to allow a small payout whenever the player requests. This means players are able to quickly get their cash out as soon as they win. It also means players won’t lose their winnings so quickly as it’s less likely that they will then spend the time wagering it again in order to meet the minimum withdrawal limit.

Why you shouldn't join no verification casinos

Why you shouldn’t join no verification casinos

However, players should also be aware that there are a number of downsides to playing at a no verification casino. One of the main reasons for this is that there is a lot less security involved. By its very nature, casinos offering this type of feature are usually more interested in the money they can make rather than the security of the player. If you have felt you have gambled too much before, the Gamstop scheme does not apply to these casino sites. This means less security for problem gamblers who are connected to Gamstop.

With that in mind, we generally tend to think it’s not a good idea to join a site that does not require documentation. Casinos that require documentation on withdrawals often need this for the particularly big wins. For these sites, it’s impossible to claim a big win if players can’t prove they are who they say they are via documentation, which means no one can steal it either.

Not so secure

Following on from this, these sites are just not as secure. They are usually non UKGC licenced sites which means that while players can enjoy quick signup, there’s no UKGC backing in place. However, there are non UKGC casinos that do require verification for UK players. These should definitely be looked at as they offer greater security but still manage to minimise the signup time.

We suggest that players do the verification via their phone if they want to avoid the hassle of providing documents. Doing the identification over the phone does mean that players will get a better level of security when playing online. It also means that if players submit a phone number, they can stay up to date with the latest bonuses as well as get notifications if someone tries to log in.

What documents do casinos want?

For those players out there considering whether or not to go through the verification process, we will briefly outline what kind of documents these casinos expect to be given. For instance, as no casino allows minors to play, usually the first requested document is a government ID of some kind to prove the date of birth. This can be a driver’s licence, passport, or country ID card.

The next commonly asked for document is a utility bill or bank statement. This is always requested to gain proof of address. This is particularly important when players are attempting to join a casino in a country where they do not reside. Many casinos will have restrictions on specific countries and will need to check that the player does not live there when they say they do not.

Additional verification

Many casinos will request a mobile number. This is because it can enable two-factor authentication on the site. This means that if a player logs in unexpectedly, a code can be sent to the phone to confirm the login is genuine. Entering the code also confirms the player as the account holder. Lastly, some casinos will ask for a bank card to ensure the funds are sent to the right person.

Are no verification casinos safe?

As we have touched upon throughout this piece, there are many pros and cons to joining a no verification casino. On the whole, these sites do offer a good level of safety, but some more than others. For instance, Curacao casinos are best avoided in this instance as the lack of verification does mean that players can undergo fraudulent activity from some casinos looking to profit.

However, using Bitcoin powered no verification casinos is a much safer option. These casinos offer complete anonymity as well as good levels of security. It’s also virtually impossible for another player to get their hands on someone else’s Bitcoin or cryptocurrency as they will need to know lengthy passwords and keys in order to do so. Generally, these sites are also licenced and regulated.

  • These sites are licenced and regulated
  • Curacao offers the weakest options
  • Bitcoin casinos are safe

However, as always, we urge caution to UK players who are looking to join these types of sites. While the reward of not having to spend time verifying an account might be worth it in the short term, this might not be the case in the longer scheme of things. That being said, everyone is different and has their own preferences on where and how to play.

Final thoughts

No verification casinos are a great way for players to get playing as quickly as possible. Some of these sites do not even need players to make an account so that play can begin right away. Some sites such as those powered by Bitcoin go a few steps further offering complete anonymity throughout their site while offering a great selection of games and bonuses.

However, UK players will always need to make sure that they check the site is licenced with some jurisdiction or other. In addition to this, it is pertinent to check that the site actually allows UK players to join before they try to play and make a withdrawal that might be blocked. To help players with this, we have our comprehensive no verification casino list.

Can UK players join legally?

Depending on the licence that the non verification casino holds, then it is possible for UK players to join. In fact, regardless of whether the casino has a UK licence, technically it is not illegal for UK players to join a non UK casino site. The main thing is that players simply need to make sure that the casino is licenced somewhere in order to have some resemblance of security.

No verification casinos FAQ

Are no verification casinos secure?

Yes, but make sure that you choose a site that’s licenced.

Why join one?

They skip over the time consuming verification process for faster gaming.

Are there withdrawal limits?

Safe and regulated sites will always have limits for security.

Why do casinos want documents?

Documents are requested to prevent money laundering and underage players.

Do all sites need verification?

No, but it will depend on the site and its licence.

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