self-exclusion from gambling sites

How to self-exclude yourself from gambling sites around the world

There are multiple ways to block yourself from a gambling site, and depending on where in the world you live there are different options available.

Today I’m going to explain the most common ways to block access to gambling sites from some of the most popular gaming destinations in the world when it comes to online casinos.

Self-exclusion from casinos in the United Kingdom

In the UK there are multiple options when self-excluding from casinos and betting sites. The most obvious way is to use Gamstop, the self-exclusion scheme that covers multiple operators in the country.

The downside of Gamstop is that there are many casinos not on Gamstop, many of which you can find on our website.

The best option for UK players who want to block all gambling sites is, therefore, a combination of 2 different services, Gamstop and Gamban. We explain them below:

  1. Gamstop makes sure all UK licenced casinos can’t accept you as a player. However, it’s been reports of flaws in the self-exclusion scheme. Also, the register does not cover non-UK casinos
  2. Gamban is not free of charge as it costs £24.99 per year for a single user. However, for that price, you can install the app on an unlimited number of devices. Gamban works by adding all URL’s to gambling websites in the world, and IP blocks them so you can’t access them from your device. This makes Gamban in addition to Gamstop a perfect combination.

Self-exclusion from Gambling in New Jersey, USA

New Jersey recently legalised online gambling in the forms of casino, poker and sports betting. With this new regulation, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (in short NJDGE) added a self-exclusion register where players can enter their details to join.

This register was a requirement to legalise online gambling in the state of New Jersey, and have since then been a success. The only downside is that the register does not cover non-US casinos, just like Gamstop in the UK.

Therefore we also recommend getting NetNanny or Gamban as an extra layer of security for US players.

Block yourself from casinos in Denmark

In Denmark, the self-exclusion register Rofus is connected to your bank through NemID, which is similar to the Spelpaus register in Sweden, where they use BankID for verification.

This is a really good way of doing things as it’s harder to bypass a system like this than for example the Gamstop register in the UK. This is because in Gamstop you just manually add your details. In Denmark, the NemID is connected to your bank account, and as you need to sign up with NemID to all casinos in Denmark, it’s almost impossible to trick the system.

However, casinos not licenced in Denmark are not in the Rofus system so it’s good to also join Gamban.

Self-exclude from casinos in Sweden

Sweden just recently re-regulated gambling and the Swedish Gaming Authority (Spelinspektionen) created the self-exclusion scheme Spelpaus. Spelpaus means “game pause” or “game break” and refers to giving players the option to lock themselves from online and offline gambling on licenced venues in Sweden.

Just like in all the registers above Spelpaus does not include casinos without licences in Sweden. To be sure, also get a service like Gamban or BetBlocker.

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